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How do I sell my jewelry?

It's super easy to sell your unwanted jewelry and valuables through Purple Creek. You can do one of two things; attend an event or send your items through the mail.

How can Purple Creek give more money for our jewelry?

The reason is simple. We keep very low overhead. We don’t need to get higher margins to pay for brick and mortar, retail staff and high advertising costs. Our lean company structure means that you get a greater percentage going back to you.

Actually, the best thing we can do is unmask the secrets behind how scrap jewelry is priced. The reason most companies don’t share their calculations is that they know you’ll wonder why you aren’t getting more for YOUR jewelry. It is to your benefit to get the most you can out of your jewelry.

What kind of gold/silver jewelry will you accept?

We accept ALL items sent to us whether you know if they are genuine gold or not. We’ll test it all, give you a quote on the real deal and return any gold filled or plated item. Feel free to bring in as much as you want. We are looking for items with a karat value (i.e. 10-24k, yellow/white gold, platinum and sterling silver). See the section “sellable items” for a listing of items.

How much pure gold (24 karat) is in 14k, 18k etc.?

We’ve broken down the percentages of pure gold in each of the karat types below, it can be confusing. Solid gold is too soft to be used for jewelry so manufacturers add alloys (Copper, zinc etc) for strength.

22k = 91.6% pure gold

18k = 75% pure gold

16k/dental gold = 67.0% pure gold

14k = 58.3% pure gold

10k = 41.7% pure gold

Do you pay for gemstones?

Unfortunately we do not pay for most gemstones other than larger diamonds. Most semi-precious gemstones have little value unless they were purchased from a jeweler who deals in high quality stones. Due to an unusually high supply and low demand for semi-precious stones such as amethyst, citrine and topaz we are unable to offer much, if anything for these items. Larger gem quality rubies, sapphires, emeralds and tanzanite will be appraised and an offer made by our gem specialist.  Likewise, the secondary market for diamonds less than 3/4 carat has decreased significantly. We do pay wholesale price for larger diamonds (3/4 carat and higher) received. Tiny diamonds (melee) will have no cash value.

I have fine jewelry, is there another option besides scrapping it?

Yes, we also purchase fine jewelry and diamonds. Just separate the items you want scrapped from your fine jewelry and we will evaluate and give you an offer based upon the quality of the individual pieces.

Will my gold be worth what I paid for it retail?

Sadly no. Most jewelers have about a 300% markup on jewelry. Then there are high labor costs factored into the price you paid. The prices we give are for scraping out the gold, the actual cost of the materials originally used, which is still far more valuable than letting it sit in your drawer. Gold’s price currently is high and will give you a good return on your original purchase.

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